Sell Yourself and Get a Better Sales Job

So, you want a better sales job? Firstly you need to establish what “better” means to you. There are some fantastic opportunities in the sales sector but it’s easy to make a mistake and end up with the wrong company or manager.

Hugger or a Hunter?
Start out by figuring where you “fit” based on your talent and skill set. For example most sales employees naturally fit into either a hugger or a hunter role. Huggers are the account management roles that comprise of relationship management and retaining and growing accounts. You will have the opportunity to maintain relationships, resolve customer service queries and build a strong business base. Doesn’t sound like you? Then you’re probably a hunter. You’re in charge of bringing in new accounts, making cold calls, presenting solutions, asking questions and closing those deals. Your job is fast, commission-driven and you thrive on deadlines.

Now you need to explore the sales sector, check out some sales jobs and find out more about what roles are available and which ones stand out to you. This will help you build up a good sample of desired skills and help you shape your sales CV.

3 Ways to Sell Yourself

Once you’ve figured out what that “better” job is, you’ve made some applications with your sales CV and you’ve been offered a sales interview you need to use the skills that come naturally to you and sell yourself!

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We questioned our HR Manager and Sales Team and put together our 3 top tips on how to sell yourself in a sales interview:

1. Research the Company
Before every interview we recommend you find out as much as you can before the interview but for a sales job this task is imperative. If you land that role it will be your job to sell the company/brand therefore you will need to understand the business inside out. Finding out about their competitors is also key. This will help you determine where this company appears in the marketplace and what sets them apart from the rest. Start your research now and you can really impress the interviewer.

2. Open Your Ears
Sales professionals must listen to their leads in order to provide the best solution to their problem; take our advice and listen in the interview as well. Listening skills are essential and it’s a good idea to demonstrate this during the interview process. Try and make sure your answers describe your skills as well as how they will benefit the company.

3. Good Rapport
Success in sales is all about making connections and establishing good rapport. Keep this in mind during your sales interview and assess the right approach. Mirroring the interviewer and his body language is a good way to determine the formality of the interview.

Good luck with your job hunt and we hope you find the perfect sales job for you.

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