Choosing a Domain Name For Your Internet Business

What Domain Name To Choose – A dot com?

The first step I did when I was choosing a domain name was to ask myself, what does my business do? Since this is a website for people to learn about how to start, run and succeed in an internet business, I made sure the domain name had “Internet Business”. This it is a keyword that is commonly used for this particular topic and when other sites link to my site, I have a greater chance of ranking higher in the search engines. You can read more by clicking here: how keywords and SEO work.

The second factor to consider is the length of the domain name. This may not sound so important but when you are distributing print material such as, pamphlets, business cards, brochures or catalogs, you will want to consider making it easy to remember and short enough to make sense. Try to use no more than 5 words for a domain name and no hyphens(-) as it doesn’t come up in search engines that well.

The last factor, which I consider to be the most important is choosing the extension of a domain name. I highly recommend getting a domain name that ends, regardless of which country you are in. The World Wide Web is now a global network of websites and most businesses are doing business all over the World. By limiting your business to your country, you may also be limiting the opportunities that are available. I do recommend considering registering a domain name for your country as well. For example if you are in Australia, you would and have that redirected to website as well. That way you will have presence globally and not just in your own country.

Who Do I Buy A Domain Name From?

There are lots of Domain Name Service providers that can help you register your new domain name. Personally I would choose the cheapest one available and consider the one that would offer 2-3 years of domain name registration so you won’t have to worry about this for sometime once it has been setup. Furthermore if you have not purchasing hosting for your site as yet, these companies usually give you a domain name for free when you sign up for the first time. A company that offers this is Hostmonster. You can also read a review about Hostmonster

If you already have a hosting company and you need to register a domain name, I would recommend GoDaddy, iPower and Crazy Domains. I have used these companies to register additional domain names and they are very easy to setup and good value.

Article Source: Choosing a Domain Name For Your Internet Business